Celebrate Lucille II

Today will forever go down in history as Lucille II day – champion of 4/27. The day Lucille II took an unlikely leap out of a trailer going 60 mph down I-64…and survived…twofold. The full story is a shocking, traumatic, and heroic tale best told in person so I won’t go into details (just yet) but I needed to mark it somehow. A remarkable experience for all involved that changed the course of several lives. Lucille II, who also survived a dog attack months earlier, is a Free Earth Farm living legend and Spaghetti Dinner’s savior.


Wonder Pig

Major big-ups to the lovely couple who stopped as soon as the incident happened – waved traffic away from the shoulder and stuck with us for over an hour during the rescue process!! We didn’t catch your names but your generous assistance will not be forgotten. We couldn’t have pulled through without the help of kind strangers! Let’s pay it forward, people!