Dog Named Delaware

After years with Sampson, I’m convinced that Doberman Pinschers are the ideal four legged companion – aggressive only in looks and loyal to neurosis (kinda like me). So, when Tony felt it was time to rear a new best friend… Continue Reading

One Man Alley Cat

For his 30th birthday, as a surprise, I assembled a unique adventure for my cycling obsessed beau. I christened it Lessons in Portable Music – based on the big gift (a new iPod) and the elbow-in-side “responsibility” it held. You… Continue Reading

The Happy Couple

Battling out differences in a relationship can be healthy…but that doesn’t mean those lover’s scraps don’t sting. Enter a recent gift I assembled for a dear friend’s wedding. I researched the top 5 things that couples argue about and in… Continue Reading

White Glove Love

Team Firefox donned the white glove once more to celebrate the memory of Michael Jackson as part of hundreds of worldwide events commemorating the 1 year anniversary of his death. Our FlashMob fail turned into a surprise performance for the volleyball… Continue Reading