French Dressing

Years ago, I nearly bought a French style dressing screen from a craigslister – three states away. Pretty insane, especially since I had no cause to travel to Illinois AND a door to my bedroom. No need to be coy…just shut the door to disrobe. Buuut, this thing was ridiculously unique and maybe even one of a kind, with the ability to make dressing to go out for groceries a Broadway show! Naturally, my rational self joined the discussion and I realized this was a silly unnecessary and downright frivolous idea. Go to your room with a door, young lady! Time passed and now I find myself in the fortuitous francophile predicament of NOT HAVING A DOOR to my future bedroom! Whut!? Not so frivolous after all, past self. To craigslist my fingers flew and found a close second, okay, maybe more like a third or fourth, to the dressing screen I sought long ago. I decided to take this ho-hum bore of a dressing screen and get it ready for the stage. Watch the transformation unfold:

The screen started out a blech brown. I painted it Silver Marlin!

Tape Off, Spray Paint Screen Gold, Spray Paint Miniatures for Embellishments

Add gold ribbon to accentuate the natural lines! Tacky Glue makes it easy to place the ribbon precisely.

Need more embellishment to lux up (kitsch up, in my case) the screen? Use velvet ribbon and gold painted miniatures to sass up a thrift store frame then attach to screen!

The finished piece in all its glory!