Let it Snow!

Setting the Snowy Stage

I am not a snow globe collector…unless you call 2 of anything a collection. My “display shelf” holds a Las Vegas, Nevada snow globe (doubles as a perpetual calendar, which is perpetually set to Wed Oct 11) and a Ballard, Washington snow globe (home of the treasure chest that is Archie McPhee’s) and not much aspiration for more. But when I saw what people are doing with miniatures these days, I knew I wanted to try my hand at something in that realm…and snow globes fit perfect with the time of year. Crafting is more fun en masse so I made a holiday party out of it. This one was fun for all ages. Baby food jars were provided by a craigslist search. (Attention mothers of jar fed babes: these go for a surprising rate on ebay. Save up and sell.) I scooped up a virtual cart-ful of lovely tiny figures at Tiny Things Are Cute and plenty of odds and ends at the thrift store. Add distilled water, a dash of glitter, and a drop of vegan-friendly glycerin from the drugstore and you’ve got yerself a shaking party!

Note: Although the bottle says it’s waterproof (I did my darnedest to find a low VOC earth friendly adhesive alternative to epoxy) I would not recommend Glu6 for this water based project, it was hit or miss for us.

Tiny Materials

Snowstarter Showstoppers